Emerge Ministries is a Christian Non-Profit Evangelistic organization. The vision of the ministry is lead by Terry and Judy Norris. We have a vision of walking in the unity that God created to initiate and complete the missions contained in our “Four Cornerstones” of ministry. In doing so our purpose is to reach people where they are physical, mentally and spiritually. This brings about an opportunity for an experiential relationship with God, thus having a change of heart and a renewing of the mind.

To follow this vision our ministry has “Four Cornerstones” (see menu tab for details) which are implemented in many different situations. No matter the format of ministry, when these are put into action the result is always the same, God takes individuals gifts and calling and couples it with His greatest needs for the people we serve and a message that is full of hope, grace and mercy is displayed. Our lives are forever changed and the people we serve will never be the same. To God be the glory!


“Many Voices, One Vision, His Plan”
Emerge Ministries