Emerge Ministries Disaster Relief

Emerge Ministries 

Hurricane Florence Response


Emerge Ministries at 978 Old Chinquapin Road Beulaville, NC 28518 will be a staging ground for disaster relief ministries in the aftermath of Florence. Teams are coming from the western part of North Carolina and other states including Louisiana. They will be arriving in different stages from rescue to rebuilding. They are bringing with them boats, portable showers, portable washing machines, generators and flood restoration supplies to aid individuals and families that will be affected by this storm. There will be entire construction crews available when we are ready. Also, there will be hot meals provided. We are in constant contact with these talented and credible ministries as we prepare for their arrival at our location here in Eastern NC. We will also be here to assist any Emergency Response Personnel and other workers in the community as they restore power and water to surrounding areas. We are working closely with Emergency Management and local law enforcement as we attempt to serve our community and those coming to help. Please be advised specific needs will have to be met. As always prayer is essential in any effort. Please be in constant prayer for everyone involved over the next several weeks. There are financial needs that must be met to take care of those affected by this storm as well as those serving us. In 2016, & 2017, Emerge Ministries Disaster Relief Team visited 9 cities in 3 states, Louisiana, Texas and North Carolina. Through financial donations we personally distributed over $200,000.00 in goods and provided worship services to an excess of 5,000 people.Emerge is a 501©3 evangelistic ministry. All donations are tax-deductible. We ask that you donate as much as you feel lead to, which will go toward our efforts to help our community and state as we are now in the eye of Hurricane Florence.

There are several ways to donate:

1-Visit emerge4unity.org our website donate tab is available on menu.

2-Facebook, Emerge Ministries Beulaville NC has a donate button as well.

3-Emerge Ministries PO Box 299 Beulaville NC 28518 is our mailing address.

4-In person at 978 Old Chinquapin Road Beulaville NC 28518.


Below is a list of supplies that will be needed and can be delivered to 978 Old Chinquapin Road Beulaville, NC for distribution. We must be contacted prior to delivery. We can be reached at 910-284-5994 Terry Norris or 910-431-3031 Chad Joyner.


Hurricane Relief Supplies

Mops, Buckets, Brooms


Spray Bottles

Scrub Brushes

Baby items (diapers, wipes etc.)

Disinfectant Wipes

Cleaning Towels

Cases of Water

Non-Perishable Food (can food, cereal, etc.)

Pet Food

Pillows, Blankets, Sleeping Bags



Reusable Grocery Bags (these will be filled and used to distribute supplies)


Insect Repellant

Gas Cards

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