Emerge Life Events

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Our Heavenly Father continues to pour out His goodness and grace as the Emerge family continues to multiply. The move of God is overwhelming within our family, community, state, region, country and world as God has chosen the voices of Emerge to show His love through serving so we don’t have orphans. The world is taking notice of something that isn’t a new thing, but new to them; genuine unconditional unselfish love and it’s becoming contagious! As doors are being opened, we would like for you to pray, hear from God and be obedient. If God is directing you to partner up with us; we would love to have you join our family. We need you and you never know; it just might be you that God uses to save someone’s life.

With much heartfelt gratitude; thank you to all of you for your support of prayers, donations, and/or assistance in any way. Your contributions make a difference in the lives of many and allow them to see the love of God as He uses the many voices to pour out His love, mercy and grace unto those we meet. As we see souls attached to every work that God has us do; we know that we are doing exactly what He has called us to do. Together we are “Many Voices” working to fulfill His plan.

Matthew 25:34-36 

Below are the August 25-27, 2018 Emerge Life Event Prison Crusade results:  

We had 30 volunteers. We held 29 services and ministered to 848 inmates. We saw 135 salvations and 24 re-dedications. We supplied approximately 200 sodas and sweets. We supplied 100 composition books, 100 stamps and envelopes and 75 bibles. And all of this was done in one weekend.  We had volunteers preach for the first time this weekend. And some shared very touching testimonies for the first time. It is certainly a blessing to see people stepping into their callings and being so effective. 

The next Emerge Life Event is December 7-9, 2018. At that time there will be juvenile and adult training available. If you would like more information about Emerge Life Events please email us at emerge4unity@gmail.com or fill out the online volunteer form right here on the website.
Judy Norris 
Emerge Life Events
Executive Administrator   

South Carolina Prison Ministry History

Terry and Judy have been serving under Safer Communities prison crusades since 2010. It is a very successful ministry of over 30 years. It was founded and directed the entire time by our friend Reverend Al Lewis.  As of August 2017 the prison crusades in South Carolina have been conducted in and through Emerge Ministries Emerge Life Events under the mentoring of Al Lewis of Monroe NC. We are humbled and thankful for the encouragement as we the “Voices” of Emerge broaden the scope of these Life Events. There will be many from the Monroe and Charlotte area who will hopefully continue to bless us with their presence as we move forward. We will be visiting many churches and organizations presenting opportunities for anyone wanting to do prison ministry in the future. God just continues to bless Emerge allowing us to be his hands, feet and “Voices”. Please visit our website www.emerge4unity.org  or our Facebook page and contact us for more information.

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