April 2018 Newsletter

Note from the Directors Desk:

I want to take a moment to personally thank those of you who continue to encourage us and bless the ministry with your prayers, time and financial donations. Two years ago, when Emerge was founded, I had no idea the enormous scope of what God had planned. We had grown to the extent organizational structure was needed. The organizational structure required to partner, mobilize and educate so many Individuals, churches and organizations continues to be a daunting task. Although, after six months of work we are almost there. Recently though, I am saddened at times,  as I believe some of our ministry efforts suffer due to my lack of early understanding concerning Emerge. However, I am much encouraged as I read Acts 6: 1-7. The apostles also underestimated the call God had placed on their life. They realized it takes many “Voices” and organizational thought to have intentional ministry that serves the church’s and meets the needs of so many. I am grateful for the privilege to serve so many believers as we meet the needs of others in the name of Jesus.


Emerge as a Ministry:

We are continuing our discussion on the development of Emerge as a ministry. You can start with the April 2018 Newsletter if you have missed any of the conversation. Last month we discussed the name itself. This month I want to discuss the Vision Statement of Emerge. It includes the mission and purpose statement as well. I wish to address one of these three each month. This will ensure and in-depth discussion as it relates to vision, mission and purpose.

Vision: To bring together the many different voices of Gods people, so they may rise up and go forth in love, grace and mercy and fulfill the great commission through personal evangelism.

Philippians 2:1-5 is the scripture of reference for our vision. The first two verses of this Scripture gives us insight to like-minded christians in affection. They reflect the law of Christ which is to bear one another’s burdens. We do this by displaying love, grace and mercy to those we serve. We are many “Voices” different in regards to age, race, culture, ethnicity, denominations, male and female . However we are the same in our affections for Christ. God revealed to us early on that it was not about the ministry within itself. Verses three and four remind us to watch for selfish ambition. It is about those that come with a servant’s heart to meet the needs of others that makes an effective kingdom minded ministry. If only you could attend one of our ministries you would personally experience verses three and four of this scripture. Individuals come together for personal evangelism with few concerns of their own agenda. This narrative is a reflection of Emerge’s efforts to serve the church and encourage those who attend.  This part of scripture also reminds us we should not put ourselves above individuals or any groups for any reason. We are very much aware that we cannot reflect negatively upon something or someone, to make us seemingly a more effective ministry. We are to serve the needs of others through personal evangelism and fulfill the great commission. There are times when we are challenged by selfishness, fear and resentment to abandon the precepts in this scripture. However, with God and diligence concerning the Vision Statement, guidance from Philippians 2: 1-5 we will strive to abide in His will.

street crusade pic


What a Month

  • Executive Administrator of E.L.E continues to sign people up for training and approval for prison ministry crusades. The response has been great. We are looking for more volunteers all the time. If you are interested please contact Judy on her cell 910-271-3566
  • Contractors have continued work on the outside of Emerge home office. There are three major contractors including the original donation of building that have gone above and beyond to help make this possible. It is really coming together nicely. Thanks for all you are doing for Emerge. I would mention their names however, I know they would not approve.
  • Our Partnership with the Duplin County Community Service Work Program has been great. This has allowed us to minister to those engaged in the legal system of Duplin County. These individuals come to Emerge and participate in meeting ministry needs as we strive to serve others. All that have come served with gratitude about their contribution to the ministry. There lives are changed and seeds are planted on fertile ground.
  • Partnering with Calvin Hunter of Sword Ministries we assisted in training and education on city-wide crusades. We have served with Calvin as a ministry for two consecutive years in Spartanburg SC. We are now helping with the development of a crusade in Lebanon Kentucky. These efforts have helped in the development of Emerge and other ministries concerning kingdom building.
  • Soul Session meetings continue to encourage and help individuals in our local community. These meetings are grounded in Galatians 6:2 referencing the law of Christ.
  • Debra Garner and Melissa Winans have been working hard to complete set up of our digital financial reporting system. The task has been difficult. We sought to have a system that will be recognized as credible by many charitable organizations in the world. These women of God are close to be completed. As a result of their work, we will be one of the most financially transparent ministries operating today. This is an essential part in giving piece of mind to those who wish to sow financially into Emerge.



  • May 5th Onslow County Christian banquet honoring Emerge for evangelic efforts in Onslow County.
  • May 8th Souls session monthly meeting.
  • May 12th Planning meeting with pastors in Greensboro NC for upcoming disaster relief crusade.
  • May 19th 21st Meeting in Oxford NC at Sharon Baptist Church. The Emerge Team will be doing presentation on prison ministry as well as other parts of the ministry
  • May 24 The second meeting of planning committee to organize Warsaw city wide crusade
  • June 1st-3rd South Carolina will conduct Emerge Life Events prison ministry. We will be in two separate cities for the first time Columbia and Ridgeville.


Ministry Needs

  • Bicycles, Bicycles and more Bicycles. We now have a certified, professional, bicycle repair shop owner who is willing to take slightly used equipment and refurbish it like new free to Emerge Ministries. What a blessing. So if you have used bicycles or would like to purchase new ones please donate to Emerge Ministries. We give these away to children who might not otherwise be able to afford on. Ages are from 6 to 18 years of age.



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