March 2018 Newsletter


This Newsletter marks the beginning of a change in our Newsletters. In the previous year, Donna Baysden has done such a great job and she will no doubt continue to be a “Voice” of Emerge . We are very thankful to Donna and Samantha for all they do. Going forward, I want to cover four different aspects of the ministry each month. The first area is Emerge as a ministry. The second, is relevant ministries that have taken place the month of the Newsletter and the third will be calendar of upcoming ministries. The fourth will focus on needs of the ministry.


Emerge as a Ministry

This month, discussing the ministry I want to talk about the name itself, Emerge.  Emerge is not something that was born inside a board room of concerned Christians who saw a need and fashioned a ministry to meet those needs. Also, it was not something to promote just a good idea that might be better than something else. It was never about music ministry in and of itself. The ministry has developed ironically enough, exactly as the definition of emerge suggest. The definition is more in terms of synonyms instead of a definitive definition. The word emerge means “to come up out of” “to be revealed” “manifest” “come to light” “come into clear view”. We knew God did not want it to be about a ministry. With this in mind our question became; what was to be revealed? Surely it had to be the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How or what would that look like? Then God began to share with us in many ways what His plan was for the ministry. One of those ways is a caption we use at Emerge. This logo-caption is used on our ministry vehicles, shirts and other official Emerge presentations that reflects what He began to teach us. The logo states; “Many Voices” “One Vision” “His Plan”. In other words, Emerge is not a single person or group of people. It is not a building. It is about the many races, cultures, and denominations, of men, women and children who come along aside to spread the message of hope found only in the love of Christ. Emerge is here to serve the church and all those who have a call to personal evangelism in reaching Gods people where they are physically, mentally and spiritually.  We are very grateful for the name God has given the ministry. It seems to explain our overall belief that people are the key to an effective kingdom ministry. Come go with us and emerge into what God is calling you to do for His kingdom. Please, continue and read next month as more and more of the story is revealed about what God has done and is doing here at Emerge. My hope is over the next twelve months I can convey clearly, concisely and courageously in writing how and what God is doing here. Next month we will begin to discuss the vision and mission statement, until then may God bless you, your family and your ministry.


What a Month

  • March 1-3 Emerge Life Events in SC. This was the first of four planned prison ministries for 2018 in SC. With over 27 volunteers we conducted 23 services to incarcerated men, women and children. In total we saw over 468 inmates. We saw 136 salvations and 89 rededication. We gave snacks to over 250 incarcerated children. Also we delivered 100 composition books, 100 stamps and 120 bibles.  What an amazing weekend it was. Click the link to learn how you can become an Emerge Life Event Volunteer: Prison Ministry
  • Soul Sessions is our biweekly meeting here at the home of Emerge Ministries. They take place the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. Individuals are experiencing healing in many ways at these meetings. These meetings are confidential  however, we can report God is changing lives.
  • Emerge is donating food for two different causes in March. One is the Duplin County Fellowship of Christian. Their annual banquet is April 16. For any questions please contact Ms. Sue House. The other is to benefit the surviving 4 children of a mother who along with her one other child was killed in a tragic car accident in our local community. That will take place on April 7. If you have any questions please contact Jimmy and Susie Taylor. We want to thank Bryan Dumm for transporting all this food from the NC State Port Cold Storage. Your time and expertise is invaluable.
  • Some have noticed the generous donation of a building by Carolina House Movers on Old Chinquapin Road, Beulaville. It will be the official home office of Emerge. It is more than just an office. The building will be used to process supplies for all ministries under Emerge. Thanks to the Board of Directors and all the others who have worked so hard to complete the building this month. It is coming along beautifully.
  • We are delighted that we are starting our community service programs this months. This will allow us to meet and work with many individuals in need. This program is going to make a difference in many lives, in many different ways.


  • April 7 – Benefit for family of Maria Holt with Community Church and Deep Run Worship Center
  • April 10 – Souls Sessions
  • April 16 – Emerge is participating in the  annual banquet for Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Duplin County @ the Ed Emory Auditorium & Banquet Kenansville NC
  • April 19-22 – City Wide Crusade Spartanburg SC @ Barnet Park
  • April 24 – Souls Sessions

Ministry Needs

  • Emerge is a 501(c)3 evangelistic ministry. We need more monthly financial donors. Since the beginning we have seldom ask for money. However, as God has broaden the ministry it has required a significant need for more financial help. We are thankful for those of you who contribute every month. Every single dollar is important. So, if you are looking to invest in Kingdom Building I would ask that you please consider Emerge Ministries. Contact us and see if we can serve you in any way. Click to link below to give:

Your Donation Changes Lives

hands .jpg


  • We are in continuous need of composition books, stamps and snack supplies. These items are donated through Emerge Life Events that are held in juvenile prisons throughout the year. Many juveniles come to services simply because of the snacks, at which time we see many of them transformed. The composition books are used for their school work and also correspondence by letter writing. Composition books and stamps are not provided by state facilities. Therefore without them many juveniles are not able to correspond with their love ones.



  • Children’s Bicycles for the City Wide Street Crusades. Our goal is 50 bicycles this year. Approximently 25 bicycles where given away last year. As you can see in the photos below, to share with a child is priceless!



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