Texas Flood Relief Official Notice


Emerge Ministries Texas Flood Relief Official Notice

Emerge Ministries will be coordinating and handling logistics of supplies to assist some of the estimated one million people affected by the Hurricane Harvey disaster. Daily we are in touch with Emerge partners on the ground in Texas and Louisiana.  We do this to assure your donations are used in the most devastated and under resourced areas as we did last year in the Baton Rouge area.

The overwhelming amount of trust given to us from all over the country to accomplish this mission is enormous. We are already looking at several tractor trailers and busses to accomplish the task.

At this early stage of planning, just the logistical costs are well over $5,000.00 dollars and are expected to increase as we move forward. We know God will provide. We are praying He will lay it on your heart to help us financially.

Please make your checks out to Emerge Ministries and mail to PO Box 299 Beulaville, NC 28518. Or go to www.emerge4unity.org  website. Click on the “GIVE” tab. You will see many ways to donate. Just click on the one of your choice and follow the instructions provided. Make sure you let us know the effort to which you desire your funds directed. There is a “Donate Button” on our Facebook page that acts in much the same way as the website.

We will also be organizing and mobilizing Volunteers. Our departure date will be around October 17th.  The process to sign up as a volunteer is as follows. Go to www.emerge4unity.org website. Click on the “Be A Voice” menu tab. Scroll down to the volunteer tab and open. There you will fill out all of your contact information. In the comment section write how and where you wish to serve.

In the next few weeks we will strategically coordinate this effort and contact you with more specific details.

We are receiving supplies in North Carolina and from several other states as well. Contact us on our web page to connect with the coordination person in your state or local region. The supplies list is posted below We will post them repeatedly over the next few weeks.

Calling all Facebookers: Please go to Emerge Ministries Facebook page to review the desperately needed supplies and share as much as possible to help others understand the urgent needs. We will start receiving physical donations on September 9th. The location will be sent out in a few days via social media. With that said keep visiting and sharing our page daily.

Again, we here at Emerge Ministries are so grateful to serve each and everyone who donates. It is said, “When people’s greatest gifts and calling on their life is met with God’s greatest needs for His people, miracles follow.” I believe this is one of those times. Below is the list of things needed:

Texas Flood Relief List

Gas Cards, Monetary Donations, Mops, Buckets, Brooms, Bleach, Peroxide, Spray Bottles, Gloves (latex), Scrub Brushes, Baby items (diapers wipes etc), Disinfectant Wipes, Rags and Cleaning Towels, Cases of Water, Non-Perishable food ( can food,  cereal, etc) Dog Food, Pillows, Sleeping Bags, Tarps, Damp-Rid, Reusable Grocery Bags (these will be filled and used to distribute supplies).

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