How God Uses the Ministry of VBS to Save Souls


When praying and speaking to God about what to write about this week, He reminded me of the importance of prayer and VBS (Vacation Bible School). For without the prayers of my daughter and her learning about prayer at VBS, I would not be in the ministry and quite possibly wouldn’t be alive today. As a child I only attended church for a few years but I remember attending Vacation Bible School. It was something that always stuck with me. I loved learning about Jesus and doing the crafts. When my daughter became of age to attend I took her to every VBS there was around us because she begged to go after her first one. She had so much fun that she would come home and line up her dolls on her bed and pretend to teach them from her Bible. After VBS she would always beg to let’s go to Sunday school and I would take her to church sometimes, but not Sunday school. I was still out in the world, running from God and didn’t want any part of church. However, VBS had put a love for God in her heart and she learned how to pray for her mommy.

In 2007 a local ministry had an overnight lock-in at their church. Samantha wanted to attend because she knew it would be fun just like VBS had been, so I let her go. Allowing her to go was the best decision I have ever made for her. She accepted Christ that weekend and started walking to church, thank God we only lived 6 houses from it. But she prayed and would ask me to go with her to church and after many turn downs I finally accepted. This led me to accept the Lord as my personal Savior and we were both baptized the same day. If she had never attended VBS as a young child; perhaps I would have never accepted Christ as my Savior because she wouldn’t have known about God or prayer. I am ever so grateful that God works behind the scenes!

Vacation Bible School is so much more than just fun; it is an extremely important ministry that brings many to church that would otherwise not step foot in one. Not only do kids love it but it is a great outreach event and an opportunity to share the gospel of Christ. It gives kids in the church and the community an opportunity to spend time together and the adults a chance to serve and see how much fun and how rewarding working with kids can be. It is also an action packed and exciting time where relationships are built with kids and adults. And through VBS parents that might otherwise not have the opportunity, to get a chance to hear the gospel during a closing ceremony or family night.

Never downplay VBS because kids learn about God through everything that is done. The activities typically consist of prayer, bible stories, arts & crafts, games, skits, songs, puppet shows, sports activities and snack breaks. The cool thing is that within this the kids are given experiences to learn about God and that they are loved. In turn they go out and share what they have learned and share God’s love with others, including their family.

Through this outreach ministry, children learn that they are loved by God. And it creates an excitement within them that they want to return for more. Many families come to know Christ through Vacation Bible School and become active church members and disciples for Christ. It’s simply amazing what God does through such a ministry. Through the hearts and prayers of the children, hearts become softened and eyes are opened. God uses the kids to woo the parents, just as He did in my case. If Samantha had never had the opportunity for VBS I don’t know where we would be today! Never underestimate the power behind the prayer of a child and the influence of VBS to introduce entire families to Christ.

*****Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.

*****Isaiah 54:13 (NIV) All your children will be taught by the Lord, and great will be their peace.

To God Be All the Glory, Honor & Praise, Forever!





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