Exercising For Christ – Being Physically & Spiritually Fit


It’s amazing how God uses things to get our attention and wake us up. After being in a wreck in 1995 where 11 vertebrae were knocked out of place from my neck down; I started having back issues. Then in 2005 those back issues kicked in and within 2 ½ years’ time I had three surgeries. And I was instructed to do exercise to increase muscle strength in my back and neck to reduce the chances of future injuries. However, I didn’t listen and although I have had other episodes of weakness and pain in my back, recently I had another attack. I re-injured my back just by bending to pick up my beach chair. Then on Sunday I was prayed for and received my healing and was able to walk without pain. But as Tuesday hit, I could tell something didn’t feel right and I became slow when walking and realized my torso was pulled to one side. After praying, and applying ice then heat and taking ibuprofen God reminded me I was to be exercising all of these years. A word was given to me after service on Sunday that God says it will not happen again. As I sat here this week; unable to do normal activities God started speaking to me about the importance of exercising physically and spiritually. This is when I understood the word that had been given to me. I want to be able to walk and have the energy to do what God wants me to do and play with my grandbabies in the future. Therefore, I have already started looking into strengthening exercises.  

The goal of physically exercising is to improve our physical health so we have more energy that we can devote to spiritual goals. God didn’t cause my injury to occur but he made beauty out of the ashes. I had to be slowed down to realize just how important it is to exercise and strengthen my body so that I can do what God has called me to do. And trust me exercise doesn’t come easy to me. But when you train to run a race you prepare yourself to physically be ready; the same must apply to our spiritual life. 

One definition of exercise is activity requiring physical effort carried out especially to sustain or improve health and fitness. Another is an activity carried out for a specific purpose. In Gods army we have to be physically and spiritually fit for the purpose of sharing the Word of God. If we don’t exercise spiritually by studying the Word and be constant in prayer we will become weak; not building up our spiritual muscles. If we are lax at being in the Word and lax in being filled we become weak and weary; therefore unable to pour into others. We can’t give what we don’t have! Being physically and spiritually weak can cripple our calling and effect our destiny and the destiny of others.

By not being physically fit we are more prone to pain, injuries and sickness. God is our healer but He expects us to do our part; we must eat healthy and exercise. The same goes for our spiritual life; we must digest the Word of God and exercise our faith to grow in our spiritual walk, thus carrying out the calling He has set before us.

There are biblical and health reasons to exercise; but we must be watchful of vanity.

  • We honor God by taking care of our bodies. -1 Corinthians 6:19-20 & Romans 12:1
  • It is valuable, but not more valuable than godliness. – 1 Timothy 4:8
  • Our bodies are members of Christ. – 1 Corinthians 6:15
  • To discipline ourselves. – 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 & Proverbs 25:28
  • It helps with gluttony. – Philippians 3:19 & Proverbs 25:16 
  • It helps with laziness. – Ecclesiastes 10:18 & Proverbs 12:24 
  • You will be healthy. – 3 John 1:2

Other reasons:

     ●A positive example to our youth.

     ●To be physically healthy for doing God’s will.

     ●Helps you sleep better.

    ●Reduces stress and fatigue.

     ●Keeps you attractive.

  • Helps with high blood pressure.


Traveling for Christ requires us to be physically and spiritually fit. If we are not physically fit we risk injury to our bodies; but not being spiritually fit can injure our walk with God. So as we at Emerge continue to exercise for Christ may God bless you physically and spiritually.

To God Be All the Glory & Honor, Forever!


REF: http://biblereasons.com/reasons-to-exercise

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