Bright Lights of Love

As I begin to share from my heart what God gives me; we at Emerge pray that you see that with God coupling ordinary people’s gifts and callings, His greatest needs are fulfilled. May your life be forever changed as God is glorified. “Faith begins when we quit arguing with God”! No truer words have been spoken. These were the words God gave one of my Emerge brothers Tim Johnson to speak to one of us in the group before we left for Columbia. This word was definitely for me. You see I had been struggling all week with writing this blog. Unsure what to write or how to write it for fear of it not being exactly what is wanted, needed, good enough or even find the time to write it. God has been trying to tell me all week that He will provide all that is needed ; I am to please only Him. Not to fear. So I have wrestled with Him all week for a sign that this is definitely what He wants me to do. He kept speaking to me and telling me to just start writing and He will give to me as He does in my personal blog for Him. But you see I am a little hard-headed and He is working on that. So with this being said; after I was given that word and the bus started rolling so did my pen. He not only provided the words but; after I wrote them He also provided a way for me to type this post on my phone through the web-site. This was after not being able to log into the admin page on my phone. God given task, most definitely. Glory to God, Hallelujah!

Now the story begins:

God is definitely on the move, opening doors all around us. Last week we received several blessings. One is our website is finally up and running thanks to  Chris Williams of Starlight Studios. And we finally have a secure storage container for ministry donations thanks to Jody Sumner, Kyle and Wayne Pierce of R & W Construction.

As I have mentioned in my intro blog; ministry isn’t always pretty. It can be dirty, sweaty, tiring and extremely long hours. But to show the love of God and to win souls for His kingdom is so worth it all!

Preparing for the night of ministry at Solomon Towers, members of Emerge gathered at the home of Terry and Judy Norris for two nights. We had to sort, clean and pack food and toiletries for blessing bags. Two days of preparation and cooking, Mary and her cooking team made enough chicken parmesan to feed 150 people plus we were even able to bless the Potters Wheel with some food.

Friday night was absolutely amazing as we teamed up with Bright Lights Ministry to bless the folks at Solomon Towers. Not only did we bless them with a meal, music and Word but with take home blessing bags of canned foods, toiletries, toboggans, scarfs and gloves. The smiles, laughs, and fellowship was astounding. We met some truly amazing folks that blessed us tremendously as we talked and prayed with them.

After speaking with Barbara Hodges of Bright Lights Ministry my eyes were truly opened to the needs of the homeless in the Wilmington area and the residents of Solomon Towers. The ones fortunate to become a resident of the tower usually come with little to no furnishings for their apartment. They are thankful to have a roof over their head as many sleep on the floor. With this being said they have a wish list where each resident list needed items for their apartment. And as donations come in; if an item is on a list they distribute accordingly. One 90-year-old lady had been sleeping on the floor and when she finally received a bed, she gave it to someone else that needed one. She had put it on her list so to help her friend with no regard to herself. What a true blessing she is to many and what a blessing she was to us.

Gods love is unmeasurable and on this one night as we shared His love; not only were they blessed we were too! To be the hands, feet and voice of God is time-consuming but so worth every second!  Just to be able to make a difference in the life of just one is unmeasurable. God has truly taken the gifts of each and every person within Emerge, you and different ministries and coupled us together to change lives all for His Glory.

Hebrews 11:6 – But without faith it is impossible to please and be satisfactory to Him. For whoever would come near to God must (necessarily) believe that God exists and that He is the rewarder of those who earnestly and diligently seek Him (out).

To God be the Glory!

Much Love To You All,



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