Emerge Ministries Blog Intro

Born and raised in Duplin County of Eastern NC; my name is Donna Baysden and I am one of the many voices of Emerge Ministries. In September 2016 God gave me an assignment that took me completely out of my comfort zone. He asked me to start a blog and share my testimony. I was hesitant and questioned God; but after receiving several confirmations I started to write. The Holy Spirit is guiding me on this journey and pouring into me what He wants me to share. In my obedience, God has granted me more opportunities to serve Him. As the hands, feet and voice for God, I will now be writing the blog and monthly newsletter for Emerge Ministries.

One week after my first post in my blog; I was asked to join Emerge Ministries. Then that next Saturday October 29, 2016 was my first ministry trip. That very day I realized that God had given me an amazing group of people to minister with as they welcomed me with open arms. Our relationship is truly God-given! I am extremely blessed and very excited to be a part of a family with “Many Voices”, “One Vision”, for “His Plan”!

As I share with you each week in this blog the ins and outs of this ministry; my prayer is that you will see that the ministry is more in-depth than what most think. It’s not always pretty but we want you to see what God is doing in the lives of everyone that He sends us to. He not only uses us to make a difference in the lives of other people; but also within our own Emerge family as we encourage and support each other. It is my prayer that God be glorified and through the words given by the Holy Spirit, many souls will see and experience the mercy, grace and the love of God.

With this blog we hope that we are able to display how God is using the voices of Emerge ministries. He is taking ordinary people’s gifts and callings and couples it to fulfill His greatest needs. The ones we serve receive His message which is full of hope, grace and mercy. Our lives; as well as the ones we serve are forever changed.

To God be the Glory!

Much Love to You All


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